Buying a Condo in Edmonton

buying a condo in Edmonton

Buying a condo in Edmonton?  Trust in the experience of a life long Edmontonian and top Realtor, Alison Murray.  Whether this is your time first buying a condo or you are searching for the perfect real estate investment, make the process as smooth as possible with the aid of a personal Realtor.

VIP Client Service:

As an exclusive client in a Buyer Agency Relationship you receive the highest level of service including emails of complete information of all new MLS listings that fit your criteria. When you receive ones that you like, we will then view the properties.

Getting Started:

If you are interested in becoming a Client, please email with your purchase criteria in the form below, or call my directly at 780-619-9812.  We will then meet for an in-depth needs analysis and if I think that I can help you, we will get started viewing properties until we find the right home for you.

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